Directors Profile

Directors Profile

Directors Profile


Jaspal Singh

Jaspal Singh: Lawyer & Consultant
Director @ CAAN World Consultants. 

Education: M.Sc., LL.B., B.Ed 
Practicing Law since 1993. 

Life member @ Jalandhar Bar Association
Qualified Education Agent Counsellor: QEAC (H094)
Education New Zealand Trained Agent

General Secretary: ACOS (Association of Consultants for Overseas Studies) ACOSIndia

Always ready to learn, he is regularly contributing his writings to various online as well offline journals. His few writings can be seen on HubpagesHe has passion of traveling and this gives him unique experience about the specific lifestyle, culture, career, education, job and settlement options that are offered by different countries. His has dedication and determination to help students to choose the right career path by studying aboard.

He is always ready to give unbiased advice and support that is very much needed to the students aspiring Overseas Education.Promoting Internationalism in Education since 1998. Founded CAAN World Consultants in 2005 and since then promoting a number of colleges, Institutes worldwide. CAAN World Consultants is Jalandhar based Study Visa Consultant Company dealing in various countries. CAAN World Consultants is member of AAERI (Association of Australian Education Representatives in India)

He can be contacted at

Bhawana Salaria

Bhawana Salaria: Education & Career Consultant
Director @ CAAN World Consultants. 

Education: M.B.A, M.Ed
Promoting Overseas Education since 2005
Education New Zealand Trained Agent
Persuing Migration Law (Australia)

She herself had higher education from Australia. She often visit campuses abroad, so she actually know the real concerns of students studying there. She deal students as 'education & career consultant'. She is always ready to listen real issues of students. Presently she is managing Australian relations of company.

She has a passion to travel around the world. This experience inspired her to continue to travel and explore more ways that she could broaden her global understanding. She always use her positive experiences abroad to inspire students to broaden their horizons and explore the exciting possibilities beyond the borders of our beautiful country.

She can be contacted at